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Melapalayam is located in Tamil Nadu
Coordinates: 8°42′00″N 77°42′25″E / 8.7000°N 77.7069°E / 8.7000; 77.7069Coordinates: 8°42′00″N 77°42′25″E / 8.7000°N 77.7069°E / 8.7000; 77.7069
Country India
State Tamil Nadu
District Tirunelveli
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)
Pincode 627005[1]

Melapalayam, மேலப்பாளையம்[2] is a town in Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu, India.

The name Melapalayam is derived from its location west of Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli. In Tamil 'Mela' meaning 'West' derived from the word 'Merkku'. Melapalayam is one of the administrative municipal of Tirunelveli Corporation situated in South Indian State of Tamil Nadu with 80% of Muslims and remaining Hindus and Christians. It is located in eastern bank of famous perennial Thamirabarani River. Its east side is covered by Oxford of South India-Palayamkottai. It gets green look in Western side as it is surrounded by fertile paddy fields. Melapalayam was earlier known as Keela Veera Ragavapuram in British Rule. Old age Tamil Name was "Mangai maa nagar" (Tamil→ மங்கை மா நகர்). The total distance between Tirunelveli and Melapalayam is 4.1 KM(2.6 miles ).[3]


[edit] Literacy

Melapalayam has an average literacy rate of 62.39% higher than the national average of 59.5%. Male literacy is 71.59% and Female literacy is 28.41%.[4]

[edit] Education

The city was most backward in education till 21st century. Schools have been developed and education reaches almost every children in the city. Many welfare trust have been formed for these social awareness favoring education. Mr. Sadam Hussain from The Muslim Higher Secondary School secured 495 out of 500 (Tamil Nadu state level second rank ) in the SSLC examination held during April 2011.Asim Arshad also brought state fourth to this city during the same year in his higher secondary.[5]

[edit] Groups

  • Black berry boys(MT)
  • MZ groups
  • Speed boys

[edit] List of Schools[6]

[edit] Primary schools

  • Adi Dravidar Primary School
  • Al Ameen Sabeka Primary School
  • Al-Hutha Nursery & Primary School
  • Alim Oriental Nursery Primary School
  • Ansari Nursery & Primary School
  • Asamath Nursery & Primary School
  • Azad Corporation Primary School
  • Bright Nursery & Primary School
  • Corporation Primary School, Kurichi
  • Corporation Primary School, Haameem puram
  • Corporation Primary School, Karungulam
  • Ganesapuram East Primary School
  • Ganesapuram West Primary School
  • Gazanathul Ulum Primary School
  • Guru Nursery & Primary School
  • Jasmine Nursery & Primary School
  • Jawahar Nursery & Primary School
  • Little Flower Nursery & Primary School
  • Little Star Nursery & Primary School
  • M.K.S. Nursery & Primary School
  • Nehru Primary School
  • New Millenium Nursery & Primary School
  • New Red Rose Nursery & Primary School
  • Quaide Millath Corporation Primary School
  • Rahmania Primary School
  • S T C Branch Primary School
  • Siraj Oriental Nursery Primary School
  • Sourna Nursery Primary School
  • CSC(Computer software College)

[edit] Upper Primary Schools

  • Ganesa Moorthi Matric School
  • Hameen Matric School

[edit] Secondary Schools

  • Don Bosco Matric School
  • Golden Jubile Matric School
  • Quaide Millath High School
  • Rahmania Matric School
  • st.Thomas high school

[edit] Higher secondary schools

  • The Muslim Higher Secondary School[7]
New look of The Muslim Higher Secondary School
  • Muslim Girls Higher Secondary School
  • Rahmania Higher Secondary School

[edit] List of Colleges

  • Annai Hajira Women's College[8]
    Annai Hajira College under construction

[edit] List of Arabic colleges[9]

[edit] Gents College

  • Jaamiathul Aliya Fe MaAaliyas Saniyaa Arabic College
  • Thaarul Ulum Usmaaniya Arabic College
  • Islamic college (newly added)

[edit] Ladies College

  • Tharbiyathunisha
  • Hidayathadunhislan
  • Hirin Farshana
  • Nashisathun Linisvaan
  • Thaglimun Nisvaan
  • Magdinul Ulum
  • Al Irshaad

[edit] Ladies Madarasa

  • Jamshul Buhariya
  • Al madrasathul Riffayia
  • Tharihatul Ilashiya
  • Naasirul Millat Girls Madarasa - Asura Kela Street
  • Al Madrasathul Majithilla
  • Al Baakiyathus salihath

[edit] Mosque

The city is almost filled with mosques everywhere. More than 30 mosques are there in the city. Every two streets has a mosque in between. The grave yard is also attached with major mosques which are located at the end of respective streets. Majority of them are 'Waqf' registered and administrated by local residents usually named as people of particular "Mohalla".

Masjid Thaqwa, Melapalayam

[edit] List of Mosques

  • Abdullah Aameena Jumma Masjid & Madarasa
  • Aysha Masjid
  • Jannathul Firdous Masjid
  • Kaattu Jumma Masjid
  • Kadai Jumma Masjid
  • Keezha Jumma Masjid
  • Masjidur Rahman
  • Masjidus Salaam
  • Masjiduth Thaqwa
  • Masjiduth Thawba
  • Periya Kothupa Masjid
  • Puthumanai Kothupa Masjid
  • South Mohideen Jumma Masjid
  • Thandan Jumma Masjid
  • Vaavar Jumma Masjid
  • VST Jumma Masjid
  • Neina Mohamed masjid
  • Usmania Masjid
  • Kadaipalli Masjid

[edit] Business

In early years, Handloom trading was a main business. They exported handloom products to various countries such as Srilanka & Burma. Now this business totally vanished from the city. As an alternate, Beedi Industry took a place and playing major role in Melapalayam Economy. Most women are engaged in Beedi Rolling works. The predominant business of the people is "Beedi manufacturing". Many of the beedi manufacturers in South India laid their prodcution units in and around Melapalayam. But now the scenario is getting changed and many men are working in Gulf countries. Here nowadays real estate business is playing an important role.. Many construction works are going..

[edit] List of Constructions

  • City Builders
  • Geometric constructions
  • Crescent builders and land promoters
  • Golden Builders
  • Bharath constructions

[edit] List of Traders

  • MAS Traders(building materials)

[edit] Furniture Stores

  • MAS Home style

[edit] List of Beedi Companies

  • Kaja Beedi (Leading Manufacturer)
  • Seyed Beedi
  • Arasan Beedi
  • Noor Sait Beedi
  • No.10 Beedi (Leading Manfacturer)
  • 5 flower mark Beedi
  • MRS Beedi

[edit] Bazaar Business

  • Mohideen Store
  • Chini Lala Store
  • Thanseed tea stall
  • Alangar Hotel
  • Umar Hotel
  • ArRahman Hotel
  • Maalik Metals, Azad Road, Melapalayam.
  • K.S.A Kaduva Jauliyagum
  • Sun electricals
  • Nellai steels
  • Santhu stores
  • Royal xerox
  • Al saudia cooldrinks
  • MZ groups viyabaram

[edit] Transport

Due to the very closed layout, it is impossible for the government to extend the roads for buses within the city. Buses going towards Pathamadai, Cheranmahadevi, Ambasamudhiram and Pabanasam passes through Melapalayam only. There is no bus facility available within the city. Earlier 'sharing auto' were indulged for the local transport. But later due to the rash driving of the sharing auto drivers, it was also closed and now people are using hire autos for local mobility.

[edit] Marriage

The city has its own marriage tradition. The people used to be married among themselves, they wont go for a bride / bridegroom outside the city. Almost all the marriages will be held only in their residents/ nearby mosque. Before marriage, both the bride and the bridegroom should get a 'NOC'(No Objection Certificate) from any of mosque or jamath. The marriage feast is also famous with unique "Thaalcha" made for Ghee rice and Biriyani.[10]

[edit] Marriage Halls

  • Nellai Marriage Hall, Ambai Road.
  • Royal Marriage Hall, Methamarpalayam.
  • VMS Marriage Hall
  • Municipal Marriage Hall

[edit] Hospitals

To serve a dense populated city, hospitals were founded since 21st century.

[edit] List of Hospitals

  • Government Hospital (Gynecologist)
  • Selvan Hospital (Gynecologist)
  • Jayakumar Hospital
  • Vijaya Hospital
  • Nizam Hospital
  • Paul's Hospital
  • Noor Clinic
  • Meeran Clinic
  • J.K. Hospital (Gynecologist)
  • Punnagai Dental Clinic (Dental Hospital)
  • Rahman Clinic
  • Majeeth Dental Clinic
  • Jude Hospital Kurichi

many other small clinic were also added in course of time.

[edit] Health Issues

The people are less educated about the cleanliness and more often they go ill. A recent issue was that an unidentified virus hits the town with people getting fever with their limbs malfunctioned for a period of time. This is due to the improper disposal of the beedi leaves garbage which is thrown on the streets and roads. During rainy seasons, water gets stagnant on these garbage and cause for the viral growths.[11]

Nowadays the awareness on health issues are made by socials organizations in the locality which reduced the health issues on melapalayam.

[edit] Market

Melapalayam is famous for Cattle market. It is said to be the second largest cattle market in Tamil Nadu next to Devakottai. The market will be active only on Tuesday. Cow, ox, goat and dried fish market are available in the same place. Merchants from various parts of the state will accumulate on Monday night and the trading starts right from midnight. Besides this, fish and vegetable markets are available in Melapalayam Bazaar.

[edit] Banks

  • Canara Bank.[12]
  • Bank of Baroda.[13]
  • Union Bank of India.
  • Indian Overseas Bank.[14]
  • Melapalayam Primary Agricultural Co-operative Bank.

[edit] Social Reforms

Many awareness societies are being formed for the welfare of the people of Melapalayam. Education is the only social change made in this town.

[edit] List of Social Forums

  • Minorities Education and Enlightenment Forum (MEEF)[15]
  • Melapalayam Health and Education Trust (MHET)[16]
  • Social Awareness Service Organisation (SASO)
  • Melapalayam Progressive Forum (MPMPROF)[17]
  • Speed Blood Service (SBS)

[edit] C2.Police Station[18]

Police Station

[edit] Entertainment

[edit] Theater

The city had only one theater named Alangar which is no more. Formerly Kannagi Talkies. A marriage hall is proposed to be built there by the 5 Flower mark beedi company groups.

[edit] Contributors

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